Personalised packaging to stand out

Perfect packaging is like a tailored suit. ICS Packaging is a paper-converting company that identifies the ideas and solutions for creating customised packaging.

We have long been researching ideal packages that can immediately express the value of the product and that are able to satisfy every customer need – both functional and aesthetic.
Hence why we dedicate scrupulous attention and care to the study and design.

Maximum flexibility in the production process

Flexibility sets us apart. All manufacturing processes take place within the company, guaranteeing direct control by internal operators at each stage of processing – from the design and production through to product delivery.

We have highly productive machines and technologies that allow us to create all types of packaging, both in terms of shape and size, and to manage large and small quantities.

Quality packaging

Providing a quality product means guaranteeing high standards with respect to the entire production chain. Packaging means cutting, sewing and dressing the tailored "suit". At the same time, a package must best describe the product itself, embellishing and enhancing its characteristics. This is why we enrich each project with a distinctive trait.

Boxes and Cartons

The carton is the box that covers the product, protecting it and increasing its value.
It can be made in flat cardboard or coupled in different shapes and types.

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Flip-top Boxes and Packaging

These represent the most valuable presentation for many products.
From the simplest self-assembling to the more complex ones covered with interiors enriched in satin and velvety paper

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Bag-in-box cartons

Functionality and practicality, different solutions for different capacities - from 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 litres, with applied PVC, plastic or die-cut handle.

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Counter displays

An almost infinite range of solutions, in different shapes and customisations, suitable for any type of product.

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Floor displays,
POP islands,
tasting banquets

The floor stand displays in cardboard or with integrated plastic and metal components are made in a range of sizes, with or without a wooden, cardboard or honeycomb pallet.

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Signs and totems

In different shapes and sizes, with one or multiple components, with self-supporting structures, with support feet, with pockets or other elements for holding objects. There are innumerable solutions also for POP islands.

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